Maximal to minimal.

From making small spaces appear larger to simply creating a calm sanctuary, the main mantra of a minimal home decor is simplicity through and through.

Don’t shy away from creating a layered, warm and rich home - the key is in what to keep and what to pare back. Read on for our five tips on adding a minimalist aesthetic to any home.

Maximal to minimal.
Take inventory of all your belongings

It’s easy to take ready-filled boxes and move them from one space to another. Don’t. Take everything out, go through it all and you’ll quickly realise how much you don’t need.

Don’t keep any duplicate items

From your stock take, you’ll probably find a fair few duplicate items. Try and only keep one of each, I’m sure you’ll try and reason why having five spatulas is important, but maybe the ten mystery remote controls, and the box of phone chargers from 2005 is pushing it. Be strict.

Get measuring

Before letting emotion get in the way of deciding what to keep and what to donate, employ logic to figure out where exactly everything will fit in your new space and what won’t. The taxidermy brown bear will definitely have to go.

Use the good stuff

Have you always been saving your good china for a special occasion that never quite happens? Well let me tell you, you’re worth a TV takeaway dinner on that fine bone china gold-edged limited edition plate you got from great aunt Maud on your wedding day 10 years ago. Get rid of the scuzzy bits you’ve been tolerating and indulge in using your beautiful items and make the most of what you own right now. While you’re at it, light those candles you’ve been saving, life’s too short. Light that damn candle.

Don’t save for the next generation

Many think that saving items for the next generation is important, however the chances are that young Billy will have a different sense of style when he’s 30 (currently a 10 year old) and whilst some items might stand the test of time, the 6ft mahogany dresser is probably not the one. You’ll find that the items that you genuinely want to keep will most likely be the ones that future generations will hold on to. If it’s not working for you any more, don’t keep it on the chance it will work for the next.

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